Find 15 Cameroonian Dishes in this Puzzle

How well do you know Cameroonian cuisine? There are 15 dishes hidden in the puzzle below. Can you find them? The words go vertically, horizontally and diagonally in both directions.

word search puzzle meals

Done!?? Did you crush it or did you have difficulties? To satisfy your curiosity, here are the dishes:

Sure you don't want to try again?... I mean you can't just give up easily right?

Ok, ok I get it.... There you go:

  • Eru

  • Ekwang

  • Ndole

  • Mbongo

  • Koki

  • KatiKati

  • Njamanjama

  • Nkui

  • Kwakoko

  • HotPot

  • Cornchaff

  • Achu

  • Okok

  • Okro

  • Nkwem

For simplicity, we've removed any hyphens or spaces from certain meals.

word search puzzle meals

Congratulations if you found all of them! It was amazing right! Why not spread the fun? Share this with your contacts to challenge them too. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to our blog for more enriching content. Thank you for participating and until next time, BESTech remains your BEST bet.

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